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Single Card Printers

Single Card Printers / Tag Printers.

Single card printers are the ideal solution to the increased industry demand for single sheet card tickets, swing tags and kimballs.

As the perfect solution to industrial demands, single card printers are easy to load and unload, flexible, versatile, and produce high quality images and tags at speeds of up to 150mm/s.

Single card tags or tickets can influence the buying decision of your customer and can be used for many sectors, including commercial, retail and events. Single card tags or tickets also increase the point-of-sale (POS) experience of your customers and remind them of the brand and quality that they are buying into.

To showcase the best of your company, it’s important that your tags and tickets are printed to the highest quality.

At Soabar, we offer the highest quality, most cost-effective printers for your business. Our range includes:

The new SC12 Inkjet card printer. This printer is designed for printing high quality swing tickets, tags, business cards, identification cards and more. Used on print media up to 120mm by 300mm, the single card printer offers a fantastic flexibility and versatility on many print materials, such as card, paper and plastic. The SC12 Inkjet printer also prints in full CMYK colour and boasts a 1200dpi dye-based print quality, which creates exceptional and hard-wearing finished results.

The unique 8 Series single card printer. This printer is aimed at satisfying the ever-increasing demand for flexibility and reliability when printing single sheet card tickets, tags, luggage tags, blister cards, kimballs or more. With easy loading and unloading, the single card printer also reduces downtime and is a quick and easy solution for your tags and cards.

At Soabar, our range of label printing systems is updated constantly, to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly-changing marketplace. Working closely with your company, we help you find your perfect machine that will produce high quality and long-lasting cards and tags for your business.