Thermal Ribbons

Becoming popular for many businesses, thermal printing is an excellent way to print your labels.

Specifically designed to print labels and variable data, thermal printers create images by melting a coating of ribbon onto your material.

At Soabar, our range of thermal ribbon supplies is designed to ensure that your printer is running and printing the best quality labels.

No matter what type of printer you have, from single colour to multi colour printers, we’ve got the supplies for your perfect printing solution.  

Although thermal ribbon comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are three main materials, wax, wax resin and resin. Our range of thermal ribbon supplies includes all three types of ribbon to create the perfect match for your printer, including:


  • Wax thermal ribbon – Using a wax-based ink, wax ribbons need a low melting temperature to be printed onto your material. They are the most common and cheapest type of thermal ribbon, making them perfect options for printing on uncoated or matte surfaces and labels with a short life.

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